below you will find the notes I (Jesse) took during our harvest…4:30-4:55pm and then continuing again from 5:03-5:15 or so. we were eating homemade hummus with crudite and vegan chocolate muffins. a feast!
• memories of my first global underscore in 2006 with claire filmon in desolate santa monica.
• (lots of passing the talking “stick”/remote control on the first go round…)
• 2 moments, both where I saw something and liked it, but didn’t think I could do it, and then I did! 1) swinging on the I beam… and then at the end with the paired handstands…

I think I even said it out loud, “I can’t” but then I did! and then it was so cool that there was applause and we were the end.
• this passion takes courage. these floors are now soaked with your passion energy. ONE LOVE.
• it was as much fun to be dancing as to be watching, this joyous playful romp all the time.
during the 1st stand i felt hit 1-2 minutes in by DC. POW.
• this was my first underscore, my first jam. i’m glad they coincided.
• really happy to see this food.
• so rarely do i have positive experiences this close to the bqe (the brooklyn queens expressway, a huge 8 or so lane elevated highway just outside the windows)
someone called out: it’s been renamed “the conduit of possibility”!
• it was serendipitous to run into old old friends and be brought here. i felt transformed, as though i progressed through time.
• everyone (literally) said thank you
• each time more is revealed about myself and how to interact with other people. it’s interesting putting pieces from the contact class together here. interesting also coming up against internal blockages, choosing to stay, choosing to go.
• i was fascinated by the individuality of people’s feet, the contact of seeing, the connection in just seeing someone’s hands, one small detail draws me in.
accepting people from their ground…
worship, each time we touch each other’s feet…
• magical sublime funny profound
• i watched a lot. everyone was so engaged, very much doing what they were doing. as we were doing this, i could feel a disappearing, almost as if you can disappear…
(we pause for small stand…)
• today was like eating this muffin. delicious & spongy. i feel blessed to have this connection in my life. i find it extraordinary. if i didn’t have it, i don’t think i’d be very happy. thank you for creating a space where we can dance like dolphins, like natural beings. no words to describe it. upside down, multidirectional, multidimensional, sensual, loving, accepting.
• i felt during the stand just now the history of everything that just happened. like the resonance after plucking a guitar string. all these dances have been recorded in my muscles, skin, psyche.
• this was my first underscore. i was so powerful! with so much energy. so relaxing.
• there was so much caring that we expressed for each other, it’s part of the form. it struck me. we care for each other in this work.
• it’s a mystery, coming from that place of no energy to the opposite place. i don’t need coffee. i just need this. i want to live life like this. i am learning to apply to real life. it was a good underscore.
• during the first stand, i thought, “what does Chertsey need right now?” and was answered by a deep violet purple energy. during the second stand, i felt sad and asked everybody in the whole global circle to help me get home…