BAX 5th Ave
Studio D Theater
we are not communicating until we are not communicating said no one to no one elsewhere there was a play going on off the deep end so to begin again so to speak with you I had to come here there really is not any way out in time to find the lost boys or girls don’t only want to have fun sadly it is a yin yang kind of push and pull which leads nowhere somewhere there is a place for us I am sure to be sure to be sure not to be sure…
– K
Quito reminded me that there was a jam mundial de contact. Fui al underscore de Nueva York aca en Brooklyn and we started looking towards Montreal. And we are going to finish mirando hacia ti, Quito. Gracias.
found honesty and appreciation  – kiori
The gift of arriving arriving arriving.
I delight in the moments of departure departure departure,
and somehow my leading edge these moments these years
is arriving into movement, arriving into transformation, into stillness.
– David L.
was back in that familiar space of just being