Rebecca D’Andrea
Lisa May Thomas & Poppy
Mike Farrow
Itta Howie
Natasha Byrne
Richard Bannister
Claire Coveney
Myles de Gruyther
Simon Van der Linde
K’Lo Harris
Alys Mendus
Kathleen Downie
Sofia Sequiros
Dan Farberoff
Jocasta Crofts
Saskia Chaplin 

“I feel so happy”
“Snoozing in the middle of dancing”
“Do, do, do, da, da, da, is all I want to say to you”
“Like a pebble taken by the tide in the washing sea of bodies”
“Good to remember I was “in” whilst watching – it’s sometimes hard to remember that”
“Old things and new things”
“Saying hello to Spain & New York on the live stream”
” Allowing myself to do nothing”
” Improvisation as a way of life”
“An abstract painting, starting with blank canvas”
“Enjoying the contrasts of creativity in the room”
“Looking outside the window & remembering the life outside this room”
“Gaps pass”
“A lovely sense of cohesion, in the group, I felt we stayed whole”
” Lots of water and sea images”
“The wind blowing moment”
“A strong female energy, it seemed to be connected to the tide and the (full) moon”
“I saw K’lo click her fingers to signal the end and I thought she was switching the idiot button off, so i stooped laughing in mid-laugh”