it is warm with either nymphs or mosquitoes. a fire lights against steel. children watch in circles of circles. upon unearthing soil there is the nijinsky of a thousand nails. scabs of sweat peel off as day.

amidst the grey there are grasses of children. we watch in circles of circles, forgetting ceilings, making our air — stone to stone from histories to heart, we are apart as limbs of aircrafts and conflate like cornflakes, soaked 2 hours in milk. another half comes in a laugh.

children fields watch in circles of circles, unable to put down a foot so bells from bellies ring without fingers, trembling against the edges of throats, till they open into leaves, into water. leaf water water leaf. pin the donkey’s tail:

which ear is his?
hello! have you lost an elbow?
is this your finger?
is this your shin?
is it a shin?

a foot reaches across a chest, into the lips of a dandelion.