A Wee Underscore: Ireland Satellite

I don’t speak Gaelic, but the Underscore goes on in Ireland
Monroe’s Tavern Gave Me A Wee Private Space  THANKS!
On the other side of the wall: beer drinkers having a good time
First I faced East

 Underscore Harvest from Sue Lauther in Ireland:

Since it was rainy, cold, windy, I looked for a place: cathedral, city theater, art center, yoga center; and finally Monroe’s Tavern let me use the private party room they had on the side.  What a perfect place—a pub for dancing in Ireland!


Les, the witness, with Marilyn Monroe
·      TIME: It was my first 2½-hour solo and I felt clearly the Underscore and how much it makes sense–even alone. 
·     PEOPLE: I was aware of the bartenders in the next room and wondered if suddenly they came in, if I could avoid shocking them by being in some strange place/position.  I didn’t want to be kicked out.  Also, sweetie Les was a witness/sleeper/recorder in the room.
Dancing in the Pub
·     ENERGY: More than ever, I became more aware of the ebb and flow of activity.  A very quiet and listening chunk of time  followed and preceded a surge of activity.  Always something comes—improvisation is a miracle of faith.  Part of what we learn is that we sometimes have to wait long enough to find out that the miracle comes every time.
·      DISCOVERY: I explored my “furniture” partners, and thought that maybe peoples’ habits ARE form; like a stool who can’t tip over one leg without extra force—tipping between the legs requires less energy.
·      SPACE: In this place I felt quiet and sneaky; out there were beer drinkers exploding in joyous outbursts.
Ending small dance in the rain on the way home

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  1. i m so impressed that you did the underscore alone …. !!! wowowowow !
    very nice * arent there contacters in galway ? do you live there ? i love galway, i would love to come and join you in ci practice ! let me know , love, karin from berlin *

  2. Sue,

    I am crazy in love with that video you posted!! And a very strange thing: I put down a pin on the map. I remember the sheet saying that you would be somewhere on the western coast of Ireland. I guessed Galway. I can't believe you were actually in a pub in Galway. That is just weird! Too weird.

    Thank you for sharing your harvest and especially that amazing video.



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