Winchester, UK-  Global Underscore

Such excitement and anticipation that Winchester could be part of this wonderful global movement!  Eleven of us participated,  Richard Parker, Yonat Nitzan Green, Ruth Bush, Suna Imre, Claudia Scaringella, Pav Grey, Helena Eflerova, Stacey Black, Gabriel Galvez, Bernice Fay and Erini Vavatsikon – facing Bristol for our Small Dance at the beginning and Spain (pictered above) at the end. We have been gradually building as a Contact Improvisation community here in Winchester so it felt very special that we could participate.   ‘Telescoping Awarenss’ became a seed for our collective journey  – how wonderful to zoom in and out from minute details to global awarneness!

A real treat that we had Richard Parker playing live..especially his time spent on the drums and use of voice.  We had such a brilliant afternoon, thanks to everyone that made it possible…….xxx

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  1. In the social context of contact improvisation, the focus is centred on the 'connection of one's self and one's partner (Bull, 1977, p.277) to the exclusion of everything else. … although touch may be the primary signifier in contact improvisation, other senses also come into play in performance (Thomas, the Body, dance and Cultural Theory 2003, p107).

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