Welcome to the Global Underscore 2016. This year’s Global Underscore will take place on Sunday, June 19 from 4-8 pm UTC +2. 

UTC stands for Coordinated Universal Time
 EDT is Eastern Daylight Time or UTC-4
The Underscore is a long-form dance improvisation structure developed by Nancy Stark Smith and practiced worldwide. The form includes contact improvisation and allows for a full spectrum of physical forms and changing states, often including periods of quiet internal activity and other times of higher energy and interactive dancing. The Underscore’s undirected practice affords simultaneously a framework for research, a forum for play, and an opportunity to experience collective improvised composition. 

Global Underscore was originally conceived in 2000 and organized for a decade by French dancer Claire Filmon
in collaboration with Nancy Stark Smith. Coinciding with the summer solstice, this annual event invites dancers at sites all around the world to practice the Underscore simultaneously and share their experiences with a global community of practitioners.  Now in its 16th year, Underscore NYC proudly hosts Global Underscore 2016.  
We enthusiastically invite you to join us physically and energetically, in time and in space. With Nancy’s direction and your participation, we will surely create an amazing event together!

Sunday, June 19, 4-8 pm (Berlin, UTC +2) 
(10 am-2 pm EDT)

We will be joining Nancy and Mike in Berlin, Germany.

Nancy Stark Smith and Mike Vargas will be in Berlin, hosting an Underscore there on Sunday June 19, 4-8 pm  UTC +2.  Underscore NYC will be hosting their monthly Underscore practice in NYC, coordinating across time zones to dance in time with Berlin-and YOU- from 10 am – 2 pm EDT.

We invite you to look at the information posted here and let us know if you’d like to join!


Underscore NYC
Brandin Steffensen and Nancy Hughes 
with Nancy Stark Smith and
GUS Advisor Patrick Crowley

Thanks and happy dancing!!