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    Site Added on : June 20th, 2020
    USA: Wales
    City: Swansea
    Address: Sketty Park, Swansea
    Venue Name: Sketty Park
    Participation Option: Full Score Practice
    Practice Time: 15:00 - 19:00
    Name of Facilitator: Lucy May Constantini
    Contact Email: lmconstantini@yahoo.co.uk
    Website URL: https://www.instagram.com/p/CBqstIonhzR/
    Other Info: I'm doing this solo at home, not on Zoom because I am Zoomed out. There is a 5 mile limit on meeting one other household, outdoors only, in Wales, and there is no one that close to me to dance this with, so this is a solo Underscore. People are very welcome to tune in!


    Site Added on : June 12th, 2020
    USA: USA
    City: Ithaca
    Address: 112 Auburn street, Ithaca Ny 14850
    Venue Name: Susan Arnsten-Russell
    Participation Option: Full Score Practice
    Practice Time: 10 am
    Name of Facilitator: Susan Arnsten-Russell
    Contact Email: sarnsten@gmail.com
    Other Info: This event will include TouchDrawing as well as movement.


    Site Added on : June 12th, 2020
    USA: USA
    City: Boulder
    Address: North Boulder Park, Boulder, CO We will meet at south side of park near Balsam & 8th st
    Venue Name: North Boulder Park
    Participation Option: Modified Jam Score
    Practice Time: 8:00 - 10:00 AM MDT, please arrive on time.
    Name of Facilitator: Alicia Grayson, Johanna Walker
    Contact Email: aliciaggrayson@gmail.com
    Other Info: Please email aliciaggrayson@gmail.com to reserve your spot. Due to State regulations we can only have 10 people maximum.


    Site Added on : June 18th, 2020
    USA: USA
    City: Oakland
    Address: Outdoor space in the East Bay.
    Venue Name: Outdoors in a public park. For Covid-safety reasons, address will be shared with people who register.
    Participation Option: Full Score Practice
    Practice Time: 7:00am-11:00am
    Talk Through Time: Time arranged with participants who need a refresher.
    Name of Facilitator: Ronja Ver, Vitali Kononov, René Alvarez
    Contact Email: undoingculture@gmail.com
    Website URL: https://www.facebook.com/events/3102675969797170/
    Other Info: The Underscore is a long form Contact Improvisation structure, authored by Nancy Stark Smith. We come together for the Global Underscore each year around summer solstice to practice simultaneously in many places on the globe, sharing the dance and bonding with the Earth we are all dancing with, and supported by. The Global Underscore happens at 7am-11am Pacific time. Please be prepared to come for the whole time. This is important in setting the container. This year's event is the first Global Underscore after Nancy joined the ancestors. We will have an altar space where you are welcome to bring objects, writings, flowers, pictures and candles. The venue is an open, green public park. We will be practicing physical distancing throughout the score. This means we will keep a 10 foot distance from other movers, and only make physical contact with people we are sheltering with. Fill in the registration form here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeQ2xlq8Vb78hforoc-zEg9l7j_KFeWFq29GqKkzlPB1szKuw/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1 Once you register, we will send you the event venue info and our physical distancing guidelines. This event happens on unceded Chochenyo Ohlone land. We will be collecting donations for the Sogorea Te Land Trust, and you are encouraged to contribute to the Shuumi land tax. The event itself is free of charge. What to bring: Layers, sun screen, water, note book or art pad, snacks. Unfortunately we cannot pass round fresh fruit as we usually do in the Global Underscore, but you are welcome to bring your own to eat during Sharing. We look forward to sharing the dance with you, Ronja, Vitali and René

    Santa Fe

    Site Added on : June 19th, 2020
    USA: USA
    City: Santa Fe
    Address: 1214 Hickox Street
    Venue Name: Santa Fe Contact Improvisation Jam
    Participation Option: Full Score Practice
    Practice Time: 8am - 10am Mountain Time
    Name of Facilitator: Jaime Cobb, Rachelle Woods
    Contact Email: jaime@newmexico.com
    Website URL: https://facebook.com/events/s/global-under-score/1108971206144724/?ti=icl
    Other Info: We are encouraging dancers throughout New Mexico and beyond to join us in this Global Under Score to celebrate Contact Improvisation, and especially to honor and celebrate the life and creative works of Nancy Stark Smith.


    Site Added on : June 20th, 2020
    USA: USA
    City: Anchorage
    Address: not sure exactly where I'll do this. somewhere in Spenard though
    Venue Name: outside
    Participation Option: Satellite
    Practice Time: I will do the facings. 6:50 am here and 1-55
    Name of Facilitator: Gabrielle Barnett
    Contact Email: gabrielleb@ak.net
    Other Info: just me this year. I will join for the facings.
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