Bonn, Germany

We were a nice group of 19 people, taking a warm dancing bath in the music of Barnaby Tree, globally grounded and happy.
goosebumps during the introduction of the underscore, very well conscious of everyone else doing it, synchronizing already
we were fascinated that so many (55! what a nice number!) sites took part all over the world.
felt very deeply grounded during opening small dance facing china
the word diversity came clear to my mind, watching out of the window and noticing that before every window stands a different tree
feel touched and happy
guter Grundton

warm, quiet soft, present atmosphere, created by the wonderful cello played by Barnaby

viel Raum
music was very offering
friendly carpet
kam mir erst lang vor, dann war es kurz
viel Zeit haben ist guuuuut (having a lot of time is gooooood)
hervorhebung des politischen Aspekts fand ich gut (to accentuate the political aspect was good)
erst viel Information und dann konnte ich ganz bei mir sein (a lot of information at first, but then i could be fully present with myself)

facilitated by Tanja Striezel, Bonn, Germany with a big thank you to the organizers